Camping de la Plage allows you to pay reservation fees online. If you wish, you will receive a personalised code on the reservation fees payment page.

Camping de la Plage uses the LCL secure payment system for receiving payments by bank card: CB, Visa and MasterCard.

The SSL (Secure Sockets Layers) technology used to secure the transfer of information by the internet and the HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) protocol guarantee that the information gathered will not be fraudulently intercepted. The server is authenticated and data is encrypted.

While the connection is secured, the browser shows a padlock, generally to the left of the address bar and at the bottom of the page. The address in the navigation bar will begin with "https".

LCL uses the 3D Secure security service for Visa and MasterCard. This additional control from the client’s bank confirms that the client is indeed the cardholder. The bank sends the client a unique code by SMS, then the client enters the code on the LCL page.

All transactions are carried out directly on the bank’s secure server. Camping de la Plage does not retain any bank card numbers.

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